Freitag, 5. Juni 2020

Blue Butterfly Sharks ignite thunder & lighting on the ocean floor...

soon afterwards
the entire swarm
meets up with a bunch
of polar bears

they try to teach them
how to breathe water


& in return
the polarized bears
show off
their knitting skills
& take them
on a sight seeing tour
to the east & the west pole
where the polar bears
dwell in a secret territory
called freeform land

this kingdom
is so free of form
& tax collectors
that the Blue Butterfliy Sharks
are having a hard time
perceiving the emptiness
between the non-existent forms
created by the innovative residents
of FreeFormLand

they can only see
clouds of strange ideas
dancing around

until this day
the 2 spezies
are heavily involved
in discussing the paradox
with great enthusiasm
& trying to establish
a new paradigm
for future generations

2018 collection

andere Seltsamkeiten 
vom MeeresGrund 

Outsider Art from The Inside

verschlungene Arabesken
María Berasarte, Ara Malikian y José Luis Montón 
" La Tarara "



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