Montag, 9. März 2020

A sunny smile is born on my lips

2019 collection

wearable wall hanging


freeform wrap rap
tunic dress top
coat vest jacket
circular elements
spiraling around
a bright nurturing sun
of happiness & joy

muti versatile unique
unorthodox designer piece
offering about a gazillion
wearing options
indoors & outdoors
deluxe urban streetwear
in a very trendy
lagenlock design

von einem anderen LebensBlickWinkel aus betrachtet

Sonntag, 8. März 2020

Chocolate, candy & a rose

part of the series:
"believe me, it´s a scarf"   

scarf wrap stole
of epic proportions
with 2 sleeves
to serve as a coat
in lagenlook style


 knitting & crochet fusion
with crocheted applications
& embellishments


fabric knitting
in a gentle
chocolate nougat vanilla & rose
color scheme
integrating art-yarns 
of all sorts

Tutto passa
all will fade
alles wird vergehen