Freitag, 16. November 2018

No more candies in the box / episode 1

 longterm recycling project
2016 - 2018

truffle boxes
originally used as a
cheap & handy canvas substitute

 painted over
with acrylic paints
alternative DIY brushes & tools
such as discarded plastic cards
organic materials
cardbord scraps
& anything I could grab
within my working space

after this was done
the 20 boxes got stacked
underneath may working desk
never to be touched again

- until October 2018
when I started
to fix little painted story books
on cardboard remnants

By now
all boxes are filled
& a couple more
different sized candy boxes
still in the making

 So wie ich male
musiziert dieses phänomenale NaturEreignis
aus der Ukraine
die Ethno Chaos Band Dakha Brakha