Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018

The Duchess of Tyrol - Austrian minimalistic operetta in 2 simple acts

 act 1:
a simple asymmetric sweater
with sleeves way too long
to be of comfortable use,
despite of being misconstructed in that fashion
it turned out to be one of my most worn sweaters

original catwalk July 2010

original catwalk July 2010

rolled up sleeves - the only way to wear this misconstruction

act 2:
gentle revamp in 2017
shortening of the 2 sleeves
adding a new neckline
with multicolored cotton yarn

enhanced revamped version

new neckline - sleeves much shorter & upgraded seams

spontaneously catwalked
on a perfect fall Sunday
with a very interesting
shadow & light situation
on my tiny loggia stage

nichts besonderes
aber es muß nicht immer Freeform Avantgarde sein

Manchmal sind kleine Sprünge
die wirkunsvollsten