Freitag, 14. Juni 2019

Intarsia - 2 Pullis aus dem Aprikosenhain

ein gestrickter AprikosenHain
es dürfen auch Pfirsiche sein

von zartem Sommerlicht

Besispiel 1:
Lady Nonsense hiding in her peach-plum-plantation

Besispiel 2:
The title didn´t feel well & stayed at home

noch ein kurzer Rückblick 
ins Land der IntarsienStrickerei 
in allen Schattierungen die Aprikosen 
Pfirsiche zu bieten haben

Montag, 10. Juni 2019

When all that Winter frost is done away

2018 collection

on the road to perfection
in LilaBlassBlau

Chaos expressed
with DADA kamikaze knitting
to accomplish formlessness

multiversatile tunic
dress top
brought into shape 
with fabric ribbons

lots of dropped stitches
were used
to create
as much nothingness
as possible

one day
I will manage
to knit the perfect garment
using only 1 stitch
until then
much practice
will show me the way

my idols
the grandmasters of calligraphy
who achieved ultimate excellence
by meditating on 1 letter 
for decades