Montag, 15. Juni 2020

On my way to Eden

I accidentally dropped out
of my hot-air balloon
caused an accident
a major scandal 
because I also missed
the rainbow bridge
where crazy people
danced the diddle
while a red cat
was scratching her fiddle 

so I turned on my radio
waved Hallo
quickly disappeared
to the banks of the Nile
where I met Hugo the crocodile
who gave me his colorful skin
so that I would blend in

but it was all in vain
because I fell in love
 turned insane
which is a lovely place
because there I sit & knit
all day long
 never hear the gong
of Hugo the crocodile
who desperately
wants to take me on a trip
with his rocket-ship
back to the spring
of the Nile
which is a silly idea
for a girl who loves to knit
green coats with a scarf
shaped like a serpent
worn like a hat
can it get 
any better than that?


 wie integriert man das verlorene Paradies
in eine Wohnung in einer Metropole?

 und zu meinem eigenen gereimten nonsense
hat Manu Chao auch noch etwas hinzuzufügen


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