Freitag, 14. September 2012

Never try to wear a strawberry pie... freeeform nostalgia

a strange performance
.... & a little treat for my international followers of fashion,
we hit the origins of freeform with this creation
& on top of it, kind of  like a bonus track, 
 a recycled skirt, 
just lean back & enjoy.....

Never try to wear a strawberry pie......
 …not even if it is a Strawberry Chantilly Torte!
If you won´t follow this very simple advice you might end up like me!

Never try to wear a strawberry pie

I don´t only usually wear strawberry pies, I even tried to knit me one, the pastry circles are crocheted though, knitting wouldn´t be the appropriate state of the art, that´s at least what the instructions on my package of pie crust mix told me. But as you can see, I didn´t dare modifying the recipe, I even pricked the circles with my crochet hook & sprinkeld them with granulated sugar. You can easily follow the method on the close-ups I shot especially for you, to let you in on my witchcraft, I don´t need the instructions any more, neither the close-ups, I already did it - & it worked out deliciously ….. mmmmmhhh ….. even fixed me a couple of strawberries for garnish, had to string them up though, the bastards wouldn´t behave like they should & roam over, under & right across my closet & most likely get eaten up by my other 

Never try to wear a strawberry pie

The only thing I didn´t take too seriously was the chilling stuff though. Would you like to wear a Strawberry Chantilly Torte almost frozen to death in your refrigerator? Not even I would do such a nonsense & of course it doesn´t taste very nice either, have a try yourself, if you don´t believe me, but as I told you already, you shouldn´t follow my example, I can´t guarantee, if the Strawberry Chantilly Torte looks as stylish on you as it does on me. But you may get started with a Strawberry Minute Pie, a simpler version for unexperienced pie artists, check it out, I´m pretty sure the world wild web has to offer at least one perfect instant instruction for this one, I don´t! I strictly prefer complicated enterprises!

Never try to wear a strawberry pie

bonus track - recycled skirt

Good luck & thanks for listening, it´s strictly non-profit, I swear to my Strawberry Chantilly Torte, won´t cost you nothing, just a minute of your time you could have used much wiser to knit a bit or crochet, if you draw a line here, or just walk your dog or kiss your husband for a chnage, or just fix him a decent strawberry pie, how about that?!
I´ve got no husband, as you probably know by now, don´t really need one either, I´ve practiced quite a long time, but now I am able to kiss my right check myself. I´m still working on my left check tough……

originally released in 2010 on Flickr & Ravelry

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  1. Fascinating MizzieMorawez - don't know what to admire most - your overflowing and amazing creativity, your ability to bring visual enjoyment, your incredible talent for writing... An all-round artist - Gesamtkunstwerk. Thank you for everything.